How To Get FREE Amazon Gift Cards In Ghana [2024]

FREE Amazon Gift Cards in Ghana

Are you looking for How to get FREE Amazon Gift Cards in Ghana or Nigeria? Then this is for you.

There are so many ways to get Amazon gift Cards for FREE today, I will show you the 5 working ways to get that.

Amazon gift cards have become rapidly popular among Ghana citizens and Africans.

These gift cards can be used to conduct a lot of transactions and you can even redeem these gift cards for cash both on Amazon or from peer-to-peer buyers.

However, because of the popularity of these cards, there’s serious growing interest regarding how this gift card can be accessed.

Aside the popular method of buying which takes up an extra transactional fee apart from the holding cost of the gift card, people still search for how to get it FREE.

Here on this page, I will share with you the full details of how you can get free Amazon gift cards without purchasing with cash.

Furthermore, you’ll get to see some of the available items you can procure when you have an Amazon gift card.

And finally show you the best platform where you can Sell Amazon gift cards for Cash and get paid instantly in Cedi or Naira.

What Are Amazon Gift Cards?

Amazon gift cards are prepaid stored-value money cards given by Amazon to be used as an alternative for cash payments when purchasing Amazon products and a plethora of other products as well.

Gift cards are usually given out as a reward or a gift for an excellent work.

Additionally, retailers and marketers use them as a reward system when they’re running a promotion on any of the amazing products they have.

Of course, people can always use the gift cards to buy anything they desire – within the limit of their gift card – when they have them.

Amazon gift cards are not acceptable on a lot of platforms making it impossible to use it for purchases outside Amazon.

And using the gift card for either a purchase or in exchange for cash is easy and follows a simplified process.

If you wish to sell or exchange your gift cards for cash, here is a guide on the Top 2 Best Gift Card Trading Platforms in Nigeria 2024.

You can easily trade, exchange and sell your gift cards on these platforms for cash and get paid Instantly.

In the next section, you will learn the different strategies you can adopt to get the Amazon Gift Cards for FREE.

How To Redeem Amazon Gift Cards

Everyone who wants to redeem an Amazon gift card can complete this process using so many ways.

However, a lot of people who own an Amazon account, opt to use Amazon Pay to redeem their gift cards.

Withdrawing funds from your gift cards to your account takes the following steps:

  • Go to Amazon Pay, Click on Sign In button and select “Shoppers”, then sign in using your Amazon account details or create an account.
  • Click Withdraw Funds
  • Choose a Bank account
  • Enter the amount to transfer to your bank account
  • Click Continue.

Alternatively, you can redeem this gift card through the claim code. This process involves:

  • Find the claim code
  • Go to Redeem a Gift Card
  • Enter your claim code and select Apply to Your Balance

There are still so many other ways you can redeem your gift cards both for cash as well as to add to your Amazon account.

Although there’s peer-to-peer buyers for Amazon gift cards, there’s less safety regarding the value of your gift card when you work with them.

How To Get Free Amazon Gift Cards in 2024

Amazon cards can be gotten for free using so many ways, however, some of them require a great command of a certain skill level.

With just a smartphone, tablet or computer device and internet connection, you will get free Amazon gift cards in Ghana, Nigeria and any part of the world.

Below are the 5 working ways to get Amazon cards for FREE today.

1. Surf the Internet With Selected Browsers

Google Chrome, Opera, and Mozilla remain some of the most popular and strongest browsers for users who want to visit the internet.

While Opera offers its users an opportunity to make money and get data from using their services, others don’t share the reward system.

Some other browsers that are not so popular offer their users the opportunity to get free Amazon gift cards.

Most of these browsers offer their users these cards whenever they have hit a record time on browsing using the platform or even as a welcome bonus.

These browsers are easy to download and work effectively on mobile phones and computers.

And by constantly clicking their advertising suggestions, you make money for yourself and the platform.

Brave Browser and Bing remain the two biggest platforms offering this service.

2. Refer Users or Customers

Customers increase sales which leads to an increased revenue for Amazon.

Amazon rewards individuals that refer their products and services with gift cards that they can use to make purchases on the Amazon store.

Referring customers isn’t just about broadcasting the available offers with a well written copy.

You need to use a referral code to ensure every sale they generate from the customer traces back to you.

3. Take Part in Giveaways

Giveaways are a good way to get free Amazon gift cards. 

Amazon marketers and select product manufacturers use these gift cards as giveaway to winners that they select based on their selection process.

Winners of the giveaways can use the gift cards to purchase things that interest them on Amazon store.

4. Complete Surveys

Surveys are one of the easiest ways to win gift cards.

Surveys don’t need you to input your name or any other personal detail so its entirely safe for you to take.

Instead, you only need to answer questions using options that will be provided for you.

These surveys could be on a range of things from tech products down to physical products.

Many companies use surveys to establish or clear certain assumptions they may have whenever they want to push a new product into the market.

And they know in other to get people interested in the survey, they must use gift cards as a reward.

5. Shop Online

Shopping online remains one of the most profitable and easiest ways of getting gift cards because gift cards enable you shop for products without paying any cash or inputting your credit card number.

Companies like Rakuten pay their customers who shop online using their platform, and the most favourable system of payment remains gift cards.

Frequently Asked Questions About Free Amazon Gift Cards

How do Amazon Gift Cards Work?

Amazon gift cards serve as an alternative to cash and credit card payments for items on the Amazon store.

The gift cards use a code that reflects their credit amount which can help you determine what level of purchase it can make.

Where Can I Buy Amazon Gift Cards?

You can buy Amazon gift cards at the store or in physical retail stores and platforms that sells gift cards like (Ridima).

How To Know the Rate of Amazon Gift Cards?

You can always check for the current rates of Amazon cards or any gift card using our Gift Card Rates Calculator.

How Much is $100 Amazon Gift Card Today?

The price of $100 Amazon Gift Card in Nigeria is #70,000 Naira and the price in Ghana is GH₵630 Ghanaian Cedi.

Where Can I Sell Amazon Gift Cards?

You can sell Amazon gift cards on our platform or and get paid instantly.


Amazon gift cards help you purchase items on the Amazon store.

You don’t need to keep swiping your credit card anytime you want to make a purchase if you have these gift cards.

Redeeming your Amazon gift cards follows an easy process which can be done both on mobile and on desktop.

You can get FREE Amazon gift cards through many ways, although completing surveys, referrals, and online shopping remains one of the most used methods.

If you have an Amazon gift card already, you can sell them now on our platform and get instant Cash payment in Cedis or Naira.

Quickly visit our website to register/login or download our mobile app and start trading your gift cards immediately.

We offer the highest rates for all gift cards and you’ll enjoy Peace of Mind once you start trading with us today.

Happy Trading!


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