GCTN Fantasy Premier League

Win N2 Million In The GiftCardsToNaira FPL

GCTN Fantasy Premier League

Are you ready to immerse yourself in the world of football? the GCTN Fantasy Premier League is now live and we’re giving away a grand total of N2 Million to 10 winners at the end of the season.

How To Join the GCTN FPL

Participating in this thrilling league is as easy as ABC! Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Create Your FPL Team: Join the official Fantasy Premier League website and create your dream team for the 2023/2024 season.
  2. Join our Private League: Once you’ve created your FPL team, Click Here to join the GCTN Fantasy Premier League Challenge or use the following code: 8mcsol. This way, you’ll be competing against other FPL enthusiasts for the top spot.
  3. Free Entry: You heard it right! There’s absolutely no cost to enter the league. It’s completely free!

How To Qualify For End Of Season Rewards


To qualify for the end of season rewards, you have to meet the two criteria’s below

  1. Be a GiftCardstoNaira User.
  2. Follow us on Telegram

And if you don’t have our Mobile App already, you can quickly Download it from here to get started.

If you don’t know how this game works, continue reading for more explanations.

Prizes For Top Performers

Ten of you will walk away with a staggering total prize of N2 Million when the season comes to a close.

It’s going to be a celebration like no other for our winners! Below is the prize table for various positions.

GCTN Fantasy Premier League

How To Win

Keep your eyes on the prize! The 10 users with the highest points at the end of the season will claim the prize money based on their positions. It’s as simple as that!

Throughout the season, we will be posting important FPL updates, analysis and other giveaways on our telegram channel.

Join us there so you don’t miss out on any major update.

Important Dates

Please take not of the important dates below so you don’t miss out.
Winners will be announced on all our social media handles, our site and through email updates.
League Start: Friday, 11th August 2023
League End: Sunday, 19th May 2024
Winners Announcement: June 2024.

What Is Fantasy Premier League?

Raheem sterling

The Fantasy Premier League is an online game where you create a virtual team of real-life Premier League players.

You earn points based on their actual performance each week.

For example, if your team includes Raheem Sterling and he scores a goal for Manchester City, you get points.

Similarly, if your goalkeeper, like Jordan Pickford, doesn’t let any goals in, you earn points.

However, negative actions like getting a red card or missing a penalty can make you lose points.

How To Score Points on FPL

Different positions on the field have their own points system.

Goalkeepers and defenders usually earn points for actions like saving penalties (5 points) or not allowing any goals (4 points).

Midfielders gain points for assisting goals (3), while strikers get points for scoring (4).

These point values can vary depending on positions, so it’s important to know the worth of each real-life action.

Here’s a Breakdown of Points in FPL:

1pt: Any player plays up to 60 minutes

2pts: Any player plays 60 minutes or more (excluding stoppage time)

6pts: Goalkeeper or defender scores

5pts: Midfielder scores

4pts: Forward scores

3pts: Any player gets an assist

4pts: Goalkeeper or defender gets a clean sheet

1pt: Midfielder gets a clean sheet

1pt: Goalkeeper makes three or more saves

5pts: Goalkeeper saves a penalty

-2pts: Any player misses a penalty

3pts: Any player awarded bonus points as the best player in a match

2pts: Any player awarded bonus points as the second-best player in a match

1pt: Any player awarded bonus points as the third-best player in a match

-1pt: For every two goals conceded by a goalkeeper or defender

-1pt: Any player receives a yellow card

-3pt: Any player receives a red card

-2pts: Any player scores an own goal

Buying And Selling Of Players

You are given £100 million at the beginning of the game to invest on your squad.

Spend it wisely because this must pay for the costs of all 15 players (including substitutes).

The best players can’t just be purchased because that would be too pricey. Your team needs to be balanced with both expensive buys and hotshots.

If this seems too difficult to start, you may alternatively request that the game “auto-fill” you a team to get you going.

Even some top players will do this to start off with some ideas. Use it then, if you think you need to.

You are permitted to make a transfer every week, which involves selling a player from your team and adding a new one.

Based on how many points they often score, each player has a worth.

For instance, Harry Kane and Mo Sarah are quite costly, yet the Bournemouth goalkeeper’s backup will be very affordable.

But keep in mind that you will need to replace a defense for another defender or a striker for another striker.

Don’t worry if you make a transfer and have extra money.

This will be saved in your bank account for the subsequent adjustment you make.

Cheers to an amazing FPL season!


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