7 Amazing Facts To Know About GiftCardsToNaira

Here on this page, you will learn about the 7 Amazing Facts to Know About GiftCardsToNaira Platform.

If you are thinking about the top best gift card exchange site in Nigeria now, consider it to be GiftCardsToNaira.

This is one of Nigeria’s most popular trading platforms for gift cards today in 2024.

Amazing Facts about GiftcardstoNaira Platform

This platform has a strong presence in Nigeria and Ghana, making it stand out in the African digital marketplace.

Many people are now searching for legit and reliable places to buy/sell gift cards.

Gift card exchange platforms and gift card buyers (vendors) have grown in popularity over time now.

With the rise in the number of people who trade gift cards and the high cash value, many people have gotten involved in the market.

However, you must be careful when choosing your preferred gift card exchange vendor or platform.

The GiftCardsToNaira Exchange Platform is the best platform to use whenever you want to sell gift cards.

There are so many exciting and unique features about this platform that make it stand out from other platforms.

In this article, I’ll show you the list of 7 Interesting things and Amazing Facts to Know About GiftCardsToNaira.

Before we proceed, let’s briefly get to know about GiftCardsToNaira.

What is it About GiftCardsToNaira?

GiftCardsToNaira is a gift card trading platform built with users in mind to give an excellent and seamless trading experience.

It’s specially designed for users to exchange and sell gift cards while you get paid in Naira and Cedis.

The platform is well-known for its presence in Africa’s fastest-growing and most populous nations, Nigeria and Ghana.

This means that both the Nigerian (Naira) and Ghanaian (Cedis) are part of the options for payment on the platform.

GiftCardsToNaira was established in 2017 and has provided quality services to Africans since down.

GiftcardsToNaira is the largest and most trusted gift card exchange platform in Nigeria.

They also provide instant cash payments after confirmation and redemption of the gift card.

The platform buys all types of gift cards and pay’s you in Naira or Cedis.

The New GiftCardsToNaira Web and App Design

GiftcardsToNaira Version 2.0

GiftcardstoNaira recently rolled out an update for the 2nd version of this platform, which is known as (GiftCardsToNaira 2.0).

The update includes an entirely new design layout, awesome features, and an amazing user interface on the website and mobile application.

The website’s new design is faster, robust, and has a stunning interface with a simple user experience.

The Mobile App was designed to offer smooth and quick transaction service for customers and all users.

The new updated version of our mobile app now includes the latest features and an additional layer of security such as PIN and Biometrics.

This was put in place to feel secure and ensure that you’re safe making transactions on the platform.

You can download the GiftCardsToNaira Mobile App via the Google Play Store and Apple Store.

Some of the thrilling features on the new updated GiftCardsToNaira Trading App include:

  • User-Friendly Experience: Our mobile app was built to give users a more efficient trading experience.

The latest version provides excellent gift card transactions.

GiftCardstoNaira delivers the best deals on gift cards and offers the most competitive rates.

  • Easy To Use: GiftCardsToNaira app has a fantastic user interface, and users are always compelled to use the app.

Due to its flexibility, it is much simpler to use. You can download the app and begin trading.

This app was designed to make trading easy for everyone.

  • Fast Transactions: With the latest version of GiftCardsToNaira, your transaction will go through faster than before.

The transaction takes only a few minutes, and you receive instant payment into your wallet account; you can then request the withdrawal.

The platform allows you to withdraw your money immediately to your bank account as Naira or Cedis.


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7 Amazing Facts to Know About GiftCardsToNaira

Sell Gift Cards for Cash

If you’re an all-time gift card trader fully into online trading, you could have gotten to know more about this trading platform.

GiftCardsToNaira Platform is a top-rated digital asset and gift card exchanger in Nigeria.

Hence, many interesting facts about this platform gave it a high rating within the online marketplace and industry.

These amazing things about GiftcardsToNaira are as follows:

  • 24/7 Availability
  • Built with Love
  • Multiple Payment Options
  • Quick Transactions
  • Gift Cards Rates Calculator
  • Top Gift Cards
  • Customer Service Support.

Let’s quickly discuss briefly on each of them, read on.

1. 24/7 Availability

One of the most amazing aspects of this platform is that it has 24/7 availability; we are always accessible online.

Accessibility is a crucial element for users and traders of any platform for trading.

Online platforms are not meant to have downtimes, and this is something that GiftCardsToNaira was able to meet up with and provide constant uptime.

GiftCardsToNaira is a platform that can be used for your card trading anytime you want to trade.

The gift card deals can be done anytime you want, and you can also trade on the platform from any location you are, easily.

2. Built with Love

GiftCardsToNaira’s aim is not just about making money. The platform was created and built with Love to satisfy our users.

This platform ensures that every user of GiftCardsToNaira has a memorable experience when trading on the platform.

The users of our platform are being taken into consideration first, so they will be able to enjoy the platform’s benefits without being stressed.

3. Multiple Payment Options

On GiftCardsToNaira, we have multiple payment methods. You can receive your money in any available payment options when you trade with us.

To make it easier for every customer, you can easily get your money on fiat currencies, including Naira or Cedis.

GiftCardsToNaira provides payment options only in Naira, and Cedis.

4. Quick Transactions

This is a crucial aspect to consider when choosing a gift card trading platform in this industry.

This is because a variety of platforms strive to facilitate speedy transactions to remain relevant in this exchange business.

GiftCardsToNaira is the most popular online platform to trade gift cards and get quick transactions.

People consider GiftCardsToNaira the most efficient digital exchange platform because of its speed of transactions.

We offer the most secured payment service system, where you receive your money instantly after every successful transaction.


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5. Gift Card Rates Calculator

Another fantastic feature on the GiftCardstoNaira Platform is the Gift Card Rates Calculator.

This is among the fascinating things to know about the GiftCardsToNaira exchange platform.

This feature allows you to “Check Rates” of any gift card to know the current rates for each card category and prices on the platform.

6. Top Gift Cards

The GiftCardsToNaira version 2.0 has a new feature that displays the lists of Top Gift Cards trading on the platform.

This feature will show you the list of gift cards currently selling at the highest rates on the platform.

This way, you will identify the top gift card with high value to trade and make good cash in a short time.

7. Customer Service Support

GiftCardsToNaira provides the best Customer Service Support to both old and new users on the platform.

We have 24/7 online customer service support to help you carry out any transaction or trade you want to make on the platform.

You can always chat with us via the live chat button on the website and app anytime you need help or assistance. We respond to you instantly.

You can as well send an email to [email protected].

You can also reach out to the Admin on WhatsApp at (+234 705 837 2518).


These are the 7 Interesting things and Amazing Facts to know about GiftCardsToNaira Platform.

You don’t have to look for a different gift card trading platform because GiftCardsToNaira is right here for you.

Trade all your gift cards on our platform today to get the best deals and enjoy peace of mind forever.

With the GiftCardsToNaira platform, quick transactions and instant payments are assured.

Quickly visit https://giftcardstonaira.com and get started.



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