How Much Is $50 Amazon Gift Card In Ghana Cedi Today?

$50 Amazon gift card

Do you want to sell your $50 Amazon Gift Card here in Ghana?

Here on GiftcardstoNaira, we offer the best rate in the market.

For an Amazon gift card of $50, the equivalent in Cedi’s here is GH₵335 and a $100 Amazon gift card is equal to GH₵670.

The rates can go higher depending on market demand and some other factors.

Below is a list of different Amazon gift cards and their rates in Cedis

Amazon Gift Cards and Rates in Ghana Cedi’s

Card Rate in Cedi
USA cash receipt $25 GH₵167.5
USA cash receipt $50 – $100 GH₵335
USA cash receipt $101 – $500 GH₵670
USA debit receipt $50 – $100 GH₵325
USA debit receipt $101 – $500 GH₵650
USA no receipt $50 – $100 GH₵310
USA no receipt $101 – $500 GH₵620
USA ecode $50 – $200 GH₵110
UK cash receipt 50 – 100 GH₵650
UK cash receipt 200 – 500 GH₵600
UK debit receipt 50 – 100 GH₵520
UK debit receipt 101 – 500 GH₵550
UK no receipt GH₵500
EUR 50 – 200 GH₵200

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USA and UK cash receipt (100 – 500) has the best rate in the market now.

You can sell your 100 USA/UK cash receipt Amazon cards for GH₵650 – GH₵670 Cedis.

Click on the button below to start selling. You can also sell other gift cards here like;

  • iTunes, Steam, Google, Visa
  • Amazon, Sephora Nordstrom, Nike
  • Walmart, Nike, Amex, Offgamers
  • eBay, Best-Buy, Home Depot
  • Apple Store, Macy, Vanilla, Target.

To know the current rate of each gift card above, Use our gift card rate calculator to find out the best gift card rate in Nigeria.


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