Top 10 Gift Cards Rate in Nigeria Today [2022 List]

Gift Cards Rate in Nigeria Today

Are you looking for the top best Gift cards Rate in Nigeria Today?

Here on this page, you’ll find out the top 10 gift cards you can sell in Nigeria with the Highest Rates in 2022.

Did you know that all types of Gift Cards have different rates, which changes as time goes on?

As a gift card trader, you need to know about the gift card with the best rates before selling to exchangers or vendors.

Selling your gift card on this gift card exchange platform known as GiftcardstoNaira is your best bet.

GiftcardstoNaira offers the best rate when you redeem your gift card with us.

You can sell your gift cards and make good money if you exchange your gift card with GiftcardstoNaira.

The rates for gift cards change often, so it is important to be aware of the current rates before exchanging them for cash.

I will share with you the top 10 best gift cards rate in Nigeria today, with the highest rates in 2022.

These are the best-selling gift cards with the highest rates. 

You can sell them on GiftcardstoNaira and get instant cash payment.

Now, I will show you the list of these cards with the highest rates in 2022.

Let’s see them quickly; read on.


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Top 10 Best Gift Cards Rate in Nigeria Today [2022]

1. UK Steam Physical Gift Cards

The UK Steam Physical Gift Card is currently one of the most popular gift cards in Nigeria, as of March 2022.

The UK Steam giftcard is currently selling at 510 per dollar.

Selling a (£100) hundred-pound UK Steam gift card here on GiftcardsToNaira; You will receive 51,000 naira.

You can use the UK Steam Gift Card to purchase games or gaming items via Steam.

Do you want to know where to buy UK Steam Physical Gift Cards? Visit

2. USA Razer Gold Gift Card

You can use the USA Razer Gold gift card to make online purchases and purchase online gaming content.

This works the same way as a Steam gift card for buying gaming products/items.

Razer Gold gift cards are currently selling at a rate of 405 per dollar.

The Razer Gold gift cards can also be redeemed online or in-stores.

Visit to sell your Razer Gold Gift Cards quickly.

3. American Express Gift Card

The current price rate for the (AMEX) American Express gift card is 400 per dollar.

This gift card is being issued by American Express and can be used in any American Express store that accepts American Express cards.

AMEX Cards are among the most popular gift cards to be sold in Nigeria for March 2022. is a great place to redeem and exchange AMEX gift cards.

This high rate can only be obtained if you sell your American Express cards via the GiftcardstoNaira Platform.

4. UK Google Play Physical Gift Card

Google Play Store provides users access to apps, games, and movies.

The UK Google Play gift cards are the most expensive among all other types of Google Play Card.

The current price rate of the card is 390 per dollar.

GiftcardstoNaira allows you to sell or exchange UK Google Play Physical Cards and receive instant Cash payments.

GiftcardstoNaira offers the best possible and available rates so far.

5. USA Nordstrom Gift Card

Nordstrom is a clothing brand that designs and manufactures clothes.

Their gift cards can be used to purchase items in both their physical and online stores.

The current USA Nordstrom gift card rate for $300 and above is 380 per dollar.

This gift card is very similar to the Footlocker gift card. allows you to sell your Nordstrom Gift Card quickly.


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6. USA OneVanilla Visa/Mastercard

OneVanilla Visa/MasterCard Gift Cards are similar to American Express giftcards (AMEX).

OneVanilla gift cards can be exchanged for cash at GiftcardstoNaira at the rate of 370 per dollar.

This is the current price of OneVanilla Visa/Mastercards in March 2022.

You can make 74,000 naira with a $200 OneVanilla Gift Card.

This is the best available price for you.

7. USA Macy Gift Card

Macy’s is an American departmental store that creates and sells fashion products for men and women.

Macy’s gift cards are among the cards with the highest rates in Nigeria, currently selling at 370 per dollar.

This gift card can be used to purchase items online and in-store.

You can sell USA Macy’s gift card for $100 or more at the rate of 370/$1.

You can quickly sell your Macy gift cards by visiting to get the best price.

8. USA Nike Gift Card

I’m sure you’ve heard of Nike if you are a gift card trader.

Nike is a leader in accessories and footwear for sports shoes.

USA Nike Gift Cards for $300 and above are currently selling at the rate of 360 per dollar. allows you to quickly sell your USA Nike Gift Card and receive Naira payment at the same rate.

This is the highest rate for Nike Gift Card in Nigeria for March 2022.

9. Footlocker Gift Card

Footlocker, an American multinational company that offers sneakers for everyone, is a retailer of shoes/sneakers.

This gift card is one of the most popular in Nigeria 2022.

The Footlocker gift cards are currently selling at the rate of 260 per dollar.

This rate applies to Footlocker cards starting at $300 and above.

You’ll receive approximately 78,000 Naira if you trade your Footlocker gift card of 300 here on GiftCardsToNaira.

10. USA Sephora Physical Gift Card

What’s the first thing you think of when you see Sephora gift cards?

Personal care and beauty platforms are what you think about.

Sephora, a French multinational beauty brand, offers gift cards to its customers.

Sephora also offers gift cards to individuals at a current rate of 230 per dollar.

For every $300 Sephora gift card you sell on the GiftcardstoNaira platform, you can earn 69,000 naira.


So, these are the 10 best gift cards rate in Nigeria today to sell for cash and make money in 2022.

These cards are the most popular gift cards one can trade on the GiftcardstoNaira platform.

GiftcardstoNaira allows you to trade gift cards at the highest possible rate and receive instant cash payment.

If you are looking for a platform that converts gift cards to cash, GiftcardstoNaira is your trusted plug.

GiftcardstoNaira allows you to trade your gift cards quickly and gives you peace of mind.

Trade your gift cards with GiftCardsToNaira platform today and you will be happy you did.

Happy trading!


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