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How To Get FREE Gift Cards In Nigeria 2024 [7 Easy Ways]

Free gift cards – Who doesn’t want that?

Free gift cards are the easiest way to get free money and in this article, I will show you different ways you can get free gift cards to trade for cash here on giftcardstonaira and get paid in Naira or Cedis.

There are some websites, services and survey companies that will give you gift cards for free in exchange for your time.

As a a Nigerian or Ghanaian, I know you wouldn’t want to mix out on this.

Below is a list of the websites to get free gift cards today in Nigeria July 15, 2024.


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Easy Ways To Get Free Gift Cards In July 2024

1). Swagbucks

This is a website where you can earn points by completing various tasks given to you. These tasks are not difficult to complete.

They range from watching videos, shopping online, completing surveys and many more.

You can redeem your points for gift cards which you can easily trade for cash on giftcardstonaira.

Swagbucks has been giving out free gift cards since 2008 and you can cash out as little as $3 which is way lower than what other sites allow you to withdraw.

The sign up process is very easy and you can get gift cards like Amazon, Target, eBay, Nordstrom and many more.

2). SurveyJunkie

This a reputable website where companies pay to improve their products by giving out surveys that can be filled by anyone registered on the website in exchange for points that can be redeemed for gift cards.

Survey Junkie was established in 2005 and since then users have been earning free gift cards just by completing surveys.

The process is simple, start by registering and completing every form shown to you.

Then you can look for available surveys which you can easily complete and earn points.

You can exchange 1000 points for $10 which can be redeemed for free gift cards.

If you want to enter the website from Nigeria or Ghana, you might need a VPN to access it.

3). Rakuten

This is a Japanese E-commerce website created in 1997.

This is quite different from the two above in the sense that when you register and shop, you earn a cashback.

You can earn about 1% to 40% of your purchase when you shop on Rakuten, it’s as easy as that.

The more you shop, the more you earn and after every three months, you will be allowed to withdraw your money which you can in turn use for any gift card of your choice.

4) Prize Rebel

This is a get-paid-to website established in 2007 where members are rewarded for completing tasks like filling out forms, taking surveys, watching videos, collecting daily points, playing games referrals and many more.

When you have about 200 points, you can exchange them for any gift card of your choice.

They have about 500 different gift cards to choose from and that’s bigger than what most get-paid-to websites offer.

There are many ways to earn free gift cards from this website but the best and fastest way to is by filling surveys.

When you get your free gift card, you can easily trade it for cash on giftcardstonaira at the highest rate possible.


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5) LifePoints

LifePoint is also another website that pays its users to take surveys.

Signing up is easy but they don’t have as many surveys as some of the websites above.

This means that you need to be alert for the few available surveys.

Here you need to earn about 600 points which you can redeem as a $5 gift card.

You can find the available surveys on your dashboard along with the points you will earn on completion and the timeframe needed to complete it.

If you are in Nigeria or Ghana, you might need a VPN to access this website.

6). Honey

Honey is a chrome browser extension that helps you get cashback and discounts while shopping online.

You can redeem the cash backs for free gift cards which you can sell instantly for cash on

7). Amazon

You can become an amazon associate and earn amazon gift cards instantly by promoting goods and services available on amazon.

To get started, register on amazon associates, promote the goods and services available there and get your payment in form of free amazon gift cards.


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  1. haris musa

    I will like to get free gift card pls

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    I will like to get gift card

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    How can I get free gift card for now

    • admin

      Hi Ola, you can get a free gift card by following the guide in the above article.
      And if you got a gift card, you can quickly sell here on our platform and get instant cash payment.

      • Busari ibrahim

        how can i get a freely gift card online

  4. Maryam Samaila

    How can I get free gift card

    • admin

      Hi Maryam, kindly follow the steps in the guide above to get FREE Gift Card.

  5. queen john simith

    How can get the card in store

    • admin

      Hello Queen, you can get free cards in store in any of these websites.
      kindly check out the websites in the above guide to get FREE Gift Card.

  6. Rasheedoluwaseun

    I want free gift card

    • admin

      Hello, kindly follow the tips and guide in the above article to see how to get free gift cards. Thank you!

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    Can I gets a $200 free gift card in a day and how?

    • admin

      Hi Samson, kindly follow the steps in the above guide to get Free gift cards.

  8. Ahmad dahiru jibril

    That’s good and amazing way of getting free gift card.

    • admin

      Hi Bee, you can check out any of the methods above to get FREE Gift Cards.

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    I like this website and is very legit.

  10. Alabuche chukwuemeka Augustine

    How can I get free gift card?

    • admin

      Hi, kindly follow the methods above in this guide to see how to get FREE Gift Cards Instantly.

  11. Anastasia

    I want free gift card and can I get it

    • admin

      Hi Anastasia; Yes you can get FREE Gift Cards.
      Kindly follow the methods in the above guide to get it.

  12. Araoyinbo Taiwo

    Please how can I get the gift card?, cause I wanted to sell but asking for the card pin

    • admin

      Hi Taiwo, you can get FREE Gift Card following the methods on this guide above.
      You can aswell sell your gift cards directly on our mobile app. Download our App here!

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      Hi Donald, kindly check out the article to get FREE Gift card. Thank you!

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