[SOLVED] How To Fix ‘We Need More Info To Redeem’ Error of Google Play Gift Card

We need more info to redeem your gift card

This article has been Updated, Google Play Gift Card is now Working and Available on GiftCardsToNaira Platform.


Learn How to fix ‘We need more info to Redeem‘ Error of Google Play Gift Card.

It’s annoying when your Google play gift card shows this error message (We need more info to redeem) whenever you want to redeem it.

This happens mostly with the American (USA) Google Play Gift Cards.

You don’t need to worry again as this page is your final bus top.

Be rest assured; We have the best solution you need right on this page.

Fix Gift Card Error “We need more info to redeem your gift card. Send us details.”

Before you learn How to fix ‘We need more info to Redeem’ Error of Google Play Gift Card. First, try redeeming the gift card on your mobile device (Androids only).

  1. Open the Google Play app on your Android device .
  2. At the top right, tap the profile icon.
  3. Tap Payments & subscriptions, then click Redeem gift code.
  4. Enter the code.
  5. Tap Redeem.

Now, if you are still getting the “We need more info to redeem” error, Do this: It’s very simple.

You only need to contact Google by sending your details, which include the full details of your card.

Quickly fill out the form on this page here and wait for it to be reviewed.

Only Google play support can help you to resolve this problem so ‘contact them here

If you want a high rate and secured trading on your Google gift card or any gift card, ‘visit our website or download our mobile app on ‘Google Playstore or Apple App Store‘.

We buy all gift cards instantly in exchange for Naira or Cedis.

You can always redeem or sell your gift cards for cash on our platform by creating account, then login and sell your Google Play Gift Cards easily.

How to Trade Gift Cards On GiftCardsToNaira App

To trade with GiftcardstoNaira, visit our website at www.giftcardstonaira.com or contact us directly on WhatsApp at (+234 705 837 2518).

For quick and fast selling of your gift cards, you can trade your gift cards directly from our mobile App.

Here is the step-by-step Guide on How to exchange/sell your gift cards for cash on GiftcardstoNaira mobile app.

  1. Download the GiftcardstoNaira Mobile App from Google Play Store or Apple Play Store.
  2. Create an account and “Sign Up,” then “Login.”
  3. Navigate to “Wallet” and click on “Add new account” to add your bank details.
  4. Go to “Dashboard” and click on “Sell Gift Card” to Submit your gift card.
  5. Wait for 2 minutes or less for the card to be Confirmed.
  6. After Confirmation, check your Wallet for your cash.
  7. Then, Withdraw to your direct Bank Account instantly.


This is the best way to Redeem your Card by learning How to fix ‘We need more info to Redeem‘ Error of Google Play Gift Card.

With the above guide, you can fix the Google Play Card “Error” anytime, any day.



Update – (Google Play Gift Card now Working)

Google Play USA is now Available on our Platform, both on the Website and our Mobile App.

GiftCardsToNaira is now buying USA Google Play Gift Cards at an amazing rate.

You can sell your (American) U.S. Google Play Cards and get instant Cash Payment in Naira or Cedis.

However, make sure to include a clear receipt image when uploading your card for trades on the web/app.

Note: You MUST upload the FRESH receipt for the card showing the date of Purchase, and the receipt must not be older than 4 days.

So, if you got a USA Google Play Card with FRESH RECEIPT, quickly trade them on our platform right away and get paid instantly.

Remember to always choose GCTONAIRA and Enjoy Instant Payout at the Best Market Rates.


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