How To Fix Google Play Gift Card Error Fast [2024]

Do you wish to know the best way to Fix Google Play Gift Card Error Fast in 2024?

Learn about the five working tips to resolve the Error Message of Google Play Gift Cards.

If you’ve been getting the “We need more info to redeem your gift card” error, this is a guide on How to Fix Google Play Gift Card Error.

fix google play gift card error

Recently, people have been complaining about the Google Play Gift Cards not working, mainly the (American) USA Google Play Cards.

This is an issue from Google; hence the Google Play Cards cannot be redeemed.

Nevertheless, this error can be fixed if you follow the tips in this article.

These are the 5 ultimate tips for resolving Google Play Gift Card Error Fast.

Google Play Gift Cards are virtual vouchers that are redeemable through the Google Play Store to buy items. 

This card can be used as a payment method to pay for apps and other app services on Play Store.

You can also use the card to purchase books from Google Playbooks, Google Music Store and rent movies.

When redeeming a gift card on any online retail platform, the card may show an error in numbers.

When this error message appears, don’t be afraid. This can be a typing error.

Another issue that comes into effect is the Play Store Balance Limitation, which you need to note.

Let’s quickly see the working tips on how to solve the Google Play Gift Card Error Instantly in 2024. 

How To Fix Google Play Gift Card Error Fast

If your Google Play gift card keeps displaying the Error Message, here are the 5 possible solutions you can try.

1. Check The Promotional Code

One of the ways to fix the error message fast is by checking the promotional code of your card.

Always check your promotion code whenever you receive an error message.

Verify that the code you entered was correct or if you entered the wrong codes. 

You can also purchase a Google Play gift card at any of Google’s international stores. 

There are many differences between traditional gift cards and e-codes when redeeming.

Once payment is confirmed, the value of the physical cards is being redeemed faster than the e-codes.

Hence, the physical cards cannot be redeemed remotely; this is part of its security measure. 

2. Code Value Should Not Exceed Play Store Limit

Always confirm that the Code Value does not exceed the Play Store limit.

A set of rules controls the redemption of gift cards on the Google Play site. 

One of the rules is that the amount of money a gift card has must not exceed the limit of the Google Play Store. 

The gift card can no longer be used or utilized effectively if it does. 

Hence, you’re limited to the maximum amount of $1,500 in your Google Play account at any moment.

Google Play has also established limits on how much you can get back from your card within a particular time.

Utilizing a little amount of the funds in your Google Play account will allow you to bypass and solve the gift card error. 

And then, the Google Play redemption space will be opened up more.

3. Check The Account You Are Logged Into

One of the ways to resolve and fix the Google Play Gift Card Error is to be conscious of the Google account logged into your device.

This is one of the most neglected reasons people encounter issues while redeeming their Google play cards.

Using a different account or email to redeem your Google Play gift card will result in an error message. 

This is because there’s a constant synchronization with the email used to get the gift card.

Therefore, using a different email when redeeming your gift card is not advisable. 

It is necessary to check and confirm your mail if your codes have been verified without exceeding the daily limit.


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4. Update Google Pay Account Information

Updating your Google Pay account information is another way to solve the Google Play Card error message.

When you receive an error message indicating that “there’s an issue with your Google account.”

Then you need to update or change your account details before using the gift card. 

A low balance on your credit card or suspicious activities on the payment account might be the reason behind the rejection to purchase your request.

If you’re having problems with your Google payment account, there’re available solutions, depending on your error message.

If the error says, “transaction is unable to be completed because of the expiration of your credit card” then you need to change the card.

Replacing your credit card or selecting other payment options like Google Pay is recommended.

However, if the Google Play error persists, you might need another gift card(s), which makes the transaction process simple and seamless.

5. Contact Google Play Support

If you are still getting the “We need more info to redeem” error message, contacting Google support is the last thing here.

Now, you need to contact Google Play support and submit the full details of your card.

You can quickly contact Google, fill out the form on this page, and wait for it to be reviewed. 

Google play support can help you to resolve the error message problem, so ‘contact them here.


These are the working tips to fix and resolve the error message on Google Gift Cards when redeeming. 

Please take note of these tips and check out for them whenever you want to redeem your Google Play cards.

The last tip of contacting Google Play Support works faster and helps resolve the error message issue with your card.

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